How to start your Passwordless Journey

"Put a stop to those phishing attempts”

In this webinar, Onevinn will get you updated on how to start your passwordless journey and the options you have to create the best user experience for it while securing your environment.


Choose a passwordless  option for increased security

This webinar will do a deep dive around everything you need to know about the different options going passwordless in your modern workplace environment. 


For whom may this concern?

The webinar is aimed for you that works as a IT/Information Manager and/or CISO.



Tom Aafloen, IT/Information Security Advisor, presents the new options for passwordless and Yubico´s yubikey for about 40 minutes. If you wish you may then stay on, asking and listening to questions and answers for a further 20 minutes.



September the 17th. 10.00-11.00



In Microsoft Teams, of course



The webinar is free, register by filling out the form.


Hope to see you! /Team Onevinn


Tom Aafloen IT & Information Security Advisor