Security Workshop

We are proud to present a customized
experience designed for
security leaders to develop
a plan to strengthen their
approach to secure
identities, data, applications,
devices, and infrastructure

As organization’s expand and evolve their
digital estates, with new apps, data, and
devices, having an integrated approach to
security is more important than ever.
Designed for today’s security leaders, 
Onevinn Security Workshop focuses on
learning your organization’s unique needs and
develops a strategic plan based on approaches
recommended by our experts.
This engagement also includes a Threat Check
that will allow you to gain visibility into threats
in your cloud environment across email,
identity, and data.

What is the value of the workshop?

You will get god string point on how to leverage your Microsoft Security workloads into your current environment.

The workshop consist of:

  • Microsoft Security Overview
  • Discovery Session
  • Threat Check Result
  • Recommendations and Next Steps