State of the art replacement for BGInfo as background and status
generator during OS deployment with MS Endpoint manager.
This full feathered C# application also offers password protected debug mode and remote control.

TSBackground replaces BGInfo as well as its predecessor OSDBackground as background (Wallpaper) generator during OS Deployment with Configuration Manager. And yes, it works in full OS.

TSBackground.exe is a DotNet 4.6.2 WPF Application and requires PowerShell and DotNet being added to Boot Images as “Optional Component”.

TSBackground has built-in debug features intended as replacement for the “F8 Command support”  in ConfigMgr, access is password protected.

TSBackground has been designed to allow extensive customization; the entire layout is loaded at runtime and all built-in as well as custom Task sequence variable can be used. An exception from this is the centrally positioned circular progress bar that can only be customized with regards to colors or turned off. Any WPF Xaml file present in the Layout folder will be loaded at application launch.
This guide will focus on our recommended usage and configuration. We will include the necessary files in the boot image and perform the initial launch there. No other methods are encouraged

It is not necessary but preferable to have some knowledge in xaml (wpf) to gain full usage of this utility.

MDT Standalone is not supported

  • State of the art replacement for BGInfo as background and status