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Onevinn TSCommander adds the possibility to run server-side commands from a running MEMCM
Task sequence.

Most enterprises, with highly adapted deployment solutions, use either scripts or web services to enhance the capabilities of Microsoft endpoint manager (MEMCM). Common enhancements include the possibility of adding or removing computers to and from Collections and AD groups during deployment.

Other examples would be to move a successfully deployed machine to a production OU or disable the computer account in the event of a failed deployment.


Due to an increasing use of Cloud management gateways (CMG) more and more Task sequences are run over the internet, something that effectively cripples these traditional methods. Due to lack of connectivity; scripts can no longer reach the Active directory and a web service running on the local intranet is of little use.


Onevinn TSCommander offers a solution to the dilemma by embedding the functionality in MEMCM’s internal status message queue, eliminating the need for anything but the CMG itself. The solution is not new, an earlier version was available on Technet Gallery (RIP), as part of the <<SCCM Extensions>> package. It has, however, overgone a significant facelift, etw-logging has been added, Framework lifted to 4.7.2 and more.


Even thou the main motivator to start using TSCommander would be to extend old functionality to the internet, the solution works equally good on the local intranet and could, in many cases, replace previous solutions entirely.